The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration predicts that drones will spawn a $90 billion industry within a decade.

The first drone delivery in the United States took place in 2016 but it was an Australian startup that beat them to be the first. Amazon is still committed to making its drone delivery system a reality but it is not the only one. Other companies, like Facebook, have plans for drones that are for widely different uses than delivering products to your door in 30 minutes. Facebook’s goal is utilize drones to deliver Internet via lasers so you can make those purchases on Amazon. Drones have multiple other applications in other industries, including agriculture. They have applications for law enforcement and emergency responders and, when supplied with other sensors, can perform a variety of maintenance functions. These functions formulate the basis of drones’ contributions to Smart City technology and Omni Group’s interests. This also means secondary markets, like counter-drone technology, a viable play for early-stage investment, especially given the ethical and privacy implications that have yet to be codified.